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        Software engineering

        Increase profit and reduce risk

        Custom apps and software development to help your business grow. Proudly based in Ballarat.

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        Drowning in phone calls and emails?

        Give your customers online self service. Let them register, join, enrol, cancel, subscribe, unsubscribe, find, update, order and pay; all without calling or emailing. They'll be happier, and you can focus on providing exceptional value where it really matters.

        Struggling to reach a larger market?

        Enable mass participation. Stop fighting for your piece of pie and go find a bigger pie. One where the people live in other cities or countries, speak different languages and use different currencies. Crowd-source information. Automate the repetitive work so that you only need to deal with the exceptional cases.

        Are payments a pain?

        Sell your products or services online. Take payments at 2am. Renew subscriptions automatically. Empower customer service staff to process refunds instantly. Reconcile everything and deliver data directly into your accounting system.

        Making too many mistakes?

        Managing risk slows you down, but making slip-ups costs even more. Good apps and software embody your good business processes, allowing you to move quickly and confidently without skipping the checks and balances.

        Customers know about your problems before you do?

        Try this for a delightful customer service experience: phone them before they even realise they've paid twice. They'll be surprised and delighted. Now, wouldn't that be a more pleasant way to do business?

        Not making evidence-based decisions?

        Make your decisions based on up-to-date, accurate and relevant data. Make stakeholders feel valued and involved by not having to chase you to find out what's going on. Represent your information interactively on maps. We love maps.

        Case studies

        Bicycle Network + Sturm: Growing Australia's largest visual bike count
        BASE Earthworks + Sturm: Reducing waste and improving communications


        Award for Museum of Contemporary Art website
        Project launch: Find My School for Department of Education
        WooCommerce Bookings buffer periods not working? Here's what to do

        Our clients say

        “We've doubled our revenue, we're delivering more jobs on time and our our supervisors couldn't be happier.”

        Dominic Crawley, Director, BASE Earthworks

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        Working with Sturm has been a blessing. Clear and succinct communications and appropriate solutions to our problems.”

        James Hale, Director, Information Technology Professionals Association

        “Given difficult engineering specifications and design requirements, Sturm has delivered beyond our expectations and been a pleasure to work with.”

        Bryce Forrester, Mechanical Engineer, Superior Systems Pty Ltd

        “This scale of event simply wouldn't be possible without Sturm.”

        Jeff McPhan, Bike Futures Coordinator, Bicycle Network

        Read case study

        “Ben and the team delivered quality results within a very short timeframe.”

        Tim Halliburton, Fundraising Event Manager, The Smith Family

        “Following the launch of Course Finder, Federation University Australia has recorded a 16 per cent rise in first preference applications.”

        Federation University Australia

        “Sturm is helping CrowdSpot save time and money.”

        Anthony Aisenberg, Director, CrowdSpot Pty Ltd

        “We require first class information technology systems to serve our clients which are banks, superannuation companies and corporates. That's why we partnered with Sturm.”

        Catherine Birchall, CEO, Money101 Pty Ltd

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        About us

        Established in , Sturm Software Engineering is a business consultancy based in Ballarat, Victoria. We serve local, national and international clients, using technology to help them grow their businesses.

        Ben Sturmfels
        Ben Sturmfels, Director


        While our work is never just about technology, we specialise in GNU/Linux, Python 3, Django, PostgreSQL, Nginx, JavaScript, ClojureScript, React, HTML5 and CSS3.

        100% Free Software

        We use and write 100% Free Software (sometimes called Open Source). This doesn't mean we work free-of-charge, but it does mean we behave ethically towards you and that you're always in control.